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A comprehensive law of reform, the Affordable Care Act, also known as the ACA, was enacted in 2010 and Gregory Pimstone also had the pleasure of tackling it. Under this act, the health insurance coverage for people is increased. This is for the uninsured and people who cannot afford medical expenses. This act includes many other requirements already consistent with the AMA policy and aims for a better, affordable health care system.

AMA or American Medical Association has an objective to promote the art of medicine and the better health of the public. It refers to a set of standardized statements this association has developed over time regarding health care issues and the system.

ACA is a US federal statute enacted by the 111th US congress and contracted into law by Barack Obama, American President. This act was passed on March 23rd in 2010. It simply represents the growth of coverage for medical bills since the act of Medicaid and Medicare in 1965.

Major provisions for the ACA came into action in 2014. 

However, by 2016, the uninsured population share was roughly halved. This meant that between 20 to 24 million people (additional) were already covered by health insurance. After this action, overall spending on healthcare slowed.

ACA helped in retaining the existing structure of the employer market, Medicaid, and Medicare. However, the individual market was radically overhauled. Except for the factor of age, insurers were supposed to accept all of the applicants without charging them based on their preexisting conditions and demographic status. To combat this issue of adverse selection, the act directed the individuals to either pay a fine, tax, or buy insurance. Moreover, it also mandated the insurers to cover a list of vital health benefits.

The Affordable Care Act faced a lot of political opposition, both before and after its enactment. There were calls for revoking the act and some legal issues that fueled the fire of resistance. In Sebelius vs. the National Federation of Independent Business, the Supreme court vividly ruled that the states could either participate or not in the Medicaid expansion. However, Supreme Court upheld this law as a whole. faced significant technicality problems during the origin of its rollout in the year 2013. These polls found that many Americans were opposing this act. However, it was not a significant concern as individual provisions were more popular. With time, in 2017, ACA had the support of the majority. 

Although, questions rose if ACA is still constitutional or not when in 2019, President Donald Trump withdrew Federal Tax Penalty. It was violating individual mandate through the Jobs Act and Tax Cuts of 2017. Surprisingly, Supreme Court upheld ACA in California Vs. Texas for the third time.

Gregory Pimstone leads healthcare litigation practice for Manatt Health. He is one of the leading litigators for health and has been recognized by Daily Journal. In-state of California, he is considered as one of the top 100 lawyers. 

While navigating about the fraud and exploitation of ACA, Gregory Pimstone said that the out-of-network suppliers get countless premiums through the insurance policies while paying far less in terms of medical expenses by charging dollars and paying pennies. Moreover, when the insurance lapses, they stop providing care for the very individuals who paid for it.

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