Why is cleaning your vaporizer important

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You may go to a clothing store and buy brand new clothes for you; but, you will never buy a washing detergent with them. You will be so obsessed with the newness and shine of your clothes that you will almost forget that they’ll gradually become unclean and even filthy after a few days of wearing. And such is human nature! But don’t let this human nature be an excuse all the time. Especially when you go to buy a vaporizer! It can be as bad as winning many bets in an online casino or other similar casinos and losing all the money in a single bet! Don’t dare forget to buy a cleaning kit with it! You can relish the vapor quality of your vaporizer for a few days; but it’ll gradually decline so, better be prepared! If you want your vaporizer to be running smoothly, you need to clean it frequently.

How to clean a vaporizer

For cleaning a vaporizer, the first thing you’ll need is a cleaning solution. There are three types of cleaning solutions ideal for cleaning a vaporizer. The first one is named Alkaline based solutions. We all know the basic properties of alkanes and what they can do. Alkanes can dissolve fats like oil and protein-based substances. So, alkaline based solutions are a good choice for cleaning your vaporizer. They are harmless substances and no reaction happens when they come in contact with human skin. The second one is Isopropyl alcohol solutions. Alcohol will do the job for you always! Alcohol can dissolve any kind of dirt and filth residing within your vaporizer. Also, isopropyl alcohol is easily available and you can get it from any major drug store on the contrary of alkaline based solutions which are not easily available. One negative thing about this alcohol is that, if it comes in contact with the bare human skin for a prolonged period, it can cause burns and bruises. Wearing gloves will always help though. The third solution is Acetone based solution. This solution cleans very fast, and leaves no dirt left in your vaporizer but, it’s highly dangerous because it’s inflammable and really causes adverse effects on human skin. After you have put the parts of your vaporizer in the solution, you have to let them soak. You have to keep them away in a jar for a night, and it will slowly start dissolving all the dirt and grime from various parts of the vaporizer. You have to be really patient hear, but if you can’t keep your cool, you can rinse each and every part of your vaporizer with your hands, which will cause the cleaning power of the solution to decrease a bit, and also the solution can harm your hands. So, it’s better to be patient. And, if you manage to keep your nerves for a night, then on the next day, an important challenge awaits you! You have to rinse every part thoroughly with water so that any leftover residue gets cleaned up. And now you have to heat up your vaporizer and see how it works after cleaning.

How cleaning a vaporizer can save you money!

By cleaning the vaporizer frequently, you ensure that it stays intact for a longer period of time, which eventually saves you a lot of money! By cleaning the vaporizer, you increase its life by 50% more than its original life! So, better learn how to clean a vaporizer and be a wise money saver!

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